Wireless M-Bus

LoRaWAN bridge

LoRaWAN Bridge

Our LoRaWAN Bridge converts legacy communications protocols such as M-Bus , Wireless M-Bus & Modbus, allowing you to extend the operational life and range of your infrastructure.
Pulse Sensor

Pulse Sensor

Our Pulse Sensor allows you to turn any dumb meter, with a pulse output, to a smart meter. The meter can then be used to bill energy users or to better manage energy usage.
Heat & Cooling Meter

Heat & Cooling Meter

Our range of heat/cooling meters and their communications modules allow for the remote data collection of meter reads. Allowing for you to detect inefficiencies in your energy network and to bill end users.
water meter

Water Meter

Our range of Water Meters and communications modules measure and remotely send readings to allow for you to bill end users or for detecting leaks and stopping potential fraud.

Electricity Meter

Our Electricity Meter monitors and remotely collects data for both residential and commercial properties. Perfect for energy management across large or small estates or allowing for the collection of meter reads for sub-metered billing.