Introducing Maud Godfrey: Our New Operations Assistant

We are thrilled to introduce the newest member of our team, Maud Godfrey. With her extensive background in Supply Chain and Logistics, Maud brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our operations. Professional…

cThings Cloud Unveils Full Integration with Spacewell Energy Platform

In a landmark move for energy management and sustainability, cThings Cloud has unveiled its full integration with the Spacewell Energy Platform, heralding a new era in how businesses and individuals manage,…

We are currently seeking a Business Administrator to join our team

We are currently seeking a Business Administrator to play a pivotal role in our team, assisting us in the delivery of products and solutions to our expanding customer base.
Reporting - Smart Column

Add more insight to your reports with Smart Columns

We've added a powerful new feature to cThings Cloud - you can now combine the result of multiple report columns into a single one using Smart Columns. With the new drag-and-drop expression builder you…

New graphs, improved metrics and much more

The latest release of cThings Cloud is now available. Featuring new graphs, improved metrics, the ability to load manually load data and much much more. 

Helping to improve the working environment

A leading office space provider approached cThings to help resolve an issue with poor sound conditions within their latest flagship building.

We are hiring an IoT specialist

We are looking for an IoT specialist to will help us to develop and deploy the latest and most advanced IoT devices and systems.

Say hello to our new frontend software developer Marina

At the start of this month, we welcomed the newest member of our team Marina Kleinaki, an experienced web developer with a very impressive resume. Marina is a highly motivated front-end developer…

Introducing the connected plant room

cThings have been working with a leading M&E company to help them remotely monitor plant rooms across Europe. Our technology has enabled them to improve uptime, improve maintenance and reduce utility costs.