cThings helping collecting reads to allow for residential billing

A new project using our SmartValve has been successfully switched on this month on a complex in St Ives and it will make a difference to the lives of all the residents.

The complex that offers residential housing for older people to live independent lives has over 50 apartments, various on-site businesses and communal spaces. Due to faulty infrastructure, the residents and businesses have not been receiving accurate billing for their water and electricity consumption.

This is where our SmartValve+ comes in. The SmartValve range allows you to control third-party valves remotely, the data is sent to our Cloud platform which is processed in real-time to provide accurate usage, regardless of the utility. This data can then be used to provide regular and accurate billing for the energy service company so that they can bill the residents and businesses. This is a positive move for the management and energy companies and ensures that each resident and business only pay for what they actually use, rather than estimated or rounded bills.