A smarter leak detection solution

Solution: IoT leak detection system
Industry:  Residential and commercial
Return on investment:  Less than 2 years

Damage caused by water leaks represents a significant threat for many housing providers and property owners. Undetected leaks can cause costly structural damage, as well as give rise to poor living conditions and health hazards for residents. Within just 24 hours of a leak occurring mould can begin to form.

Our brief

We were approached by a leading housing provider who had been experiencing leaks and floods within their properties. Our client had estimated that they spend more than £5,000 to repair and refurbish each property following each incident. In addition, the client has limited housing stock, so with each property undergoing refurbishment they were also missing out on rental income.

The client requested cThings provide a solution and deployment of Smart Technology to identify leaks and alert their maintenance team to issues, allowing them to rectify the situation immediately and mitigate the need for expensive remedial work.

Our solution

cThings deployed an IoT leak detection system to remotely detect and alert the customer to potential risk.

The solution consists of easy-to-deploy, battery-operated, wireless leak detection sensors. These sensors were installed within each apartment at points of high risk (washing machines, beneath basins, etc).

The sensors connect to a private LoRaWAN network that cThings deployed on behalf of our client. The network is fully managed to ensure it is always operating, all data is kept within a secure environment and all personal data is protected.

When a sensor detects a leak, a real-time alert is sent to notify the maintenance team of the issue. This enables the maintenance team to undertake immediate action to prevent any serious damage from occurring to the property.

The client also decided to expand their IoT solution to include air quality sensors to assist in the early detection of damp and also to help identify any potential cases of fuel poverty.

The results

Since the solution has been deployed the customer has not suffered from any water damage resulting from leaks or mould. It has been estimated that the leak detection system will stop more than 90% of leaks causing damage.

The benefits

Reduced repair costs

A leak detection system can prevent costly leaks. It’s estimated that each leak can costupwards of £5,000 to repair.

Fewer refurbishments

Detecting and preventing damage due to leaks means that properties are available to provide rental income and return on investment.

Reduced insurance premiums

With the presence of a leak detection system, insurance premiums can be reduced.

Low cost

The LoRaWAN enabled sensors and license free communication network provides a cost-effective solution. The customer estimated that if the system prevented just two leaks during its lifetime it would represent a return on investment.

Simple installation

The wireless and battery-operated sensors are simple to install. All the equipment can be installed within the property in 15 minutes.


The system has been designed to be fully end-to-end encrypted, ensuring that privacy and protection for both our client and their residents.

How to get in touch?

If you are interested in this solution, please email info@cthings.io.