Welcome to our new operations manager Gary Darvell

This month we welcome a new member of the cThings team, Gary Darvell, who has joined as Operations Manager.

Gary’s previous role was at an energy management company where he was a technical manager responsible for managing and troubleshooting technical issues on projects and systems, as well as responsible for making key decisions on technical issues related to the costs and quality of ista hardware and software.

Gary will be working at cThings to deal directly with our industry-leading clients to identify new product developments and resolve issues. He’ll be an integral part of our growing team, working with all areas of the company, from product management through to software development and hardware engineering – to make sure that our products are solving the right problems for our clients

Gary’s project management skills are vital to ensure that cThings sensors, devices and services are deployed successfully. His experience will be invaluable in helping to design and build new products, develop IoT solutions, and manage the integration of IoT systems and networks.

In his spare time Gary is a keen runner and a member of UK-based Vegan Runners who promote a healthy, performance-enhancing, cruelty-free lifestyle. Gary is also an amateur brewer developing craft beers using hops grown around the world and one day hopes to start up his own micro brewery.

We wish Gary the best of luck in his role at cThings and look forward to hearing more about his work.

Welcome to the new cThings Cloud

Exciting news this month as we’ve released a new version of cThings Cloud. This is our biggest release since we launched in 2018. With a redesigned interface, a load of new features, and new tools to help users manage their assets more productively.

A new interface

This version offers a sleek new user interface with a reimagined navigation menu and the introduction of tabs to better manage assets. Notes and tags have been added to help users track issues and tasks, as well as improved configuration options including device groups and webhook management.

Redesigned navigation

The navigation menu has been collapsed into a single sidebar. It works just like before, with the addition of the user profile and a global search. Quicklinks beside each button get users to where they need to be quicker and for adding control, they’ll find the recent devices and watchlist here too.

Manage assets with tabs

Assets, devices, and network nodes now all have tabs at the top of the page. In addition to the overview, users are familiar with, they can now access a focused view displaying specific information as well as additional functionality to better manage their assets.

Notes and tags

The notes tab helps to track issues and tasks related to assets. Notes can be categorised with predefined or custom categories, set as private, shared across multiple people, or the whole organisation. Add tags to logically group assets and enable additional functionality.

Group devices and manage webhooks

Now users can add devices to device groups so they can easily create metrics and reports for a logical subset of devices. They can also configure and manage webhooks to forward data and integrate services in real-time.

We are hugely proud of the developments to the cThings Cloud and grateful to our team who have put in the time and dedication to ensure the system is robust, efficient, and ready for the next five years.


Smart towns across Cambridgeshire

cThings have been successful in winning a smart towns contract with Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority via the Connecting Cambridgeshire team. The project consists of delivering LoRa networks in the market towns across the region. The network will ultimately help the local economy grow and create better places to live and work. The project will support the funder’s ambition to enable business, public sector, educational organisations, and the public to explore, trial and implement Internet of Things (IoT) technology within these market towns.

Initially, the deployment is set to cover the fastest growing market towns in the region, but the programme has the ambition to expand across the whole county and to ensure interoperability with neighbouring networks located in Suffolk and Norfolk. 

cThings were appointed due to our extensive knowledge and experience in delivering and operating professional and reliable LoRaWAN networks. cThings currently operate similar networks for clients based in 17 different countries allowing them to remotely monitor tens of thousands of locations across the globe. 

The project uses gateways manufactured by MultiTech and connected to the The Things Network

What is the network for?

The network offers the potential for a whole ecosystem of smart connected devices that can be used by individuals, organisations, and businesses. This access could transform the economy and local authority service delivery by:

  • Supporting new service delivery models and making the deployment of sensors and analysis of data affordable and intuitive for local organisations
  • Enabling local entrepreneurs to trial and demonstrate their ideas
  • Supporting the creation of new businesses in Cambridgeshire
  • Enabling local council services to be optimised to reduce costs
  • Providing residents with information regarding the towns they live in (public transport, car parking, air quality, flood alerts, Covid recovery)

An ongoing engagement

We have been working with local stakeholders to help them understand and support them in utilising IoT within their businesses and organisations.

We have been engaging with the community by running workshops with local residents and businesses. Additionally, we have been providing detailed technical support to help potential users to start utilising the network as well as selecting suitable sensors and devices. We have currently helped local businesses, clubs and residents to make use of the network.

Moving forwards, we are in discussions with the local and district councils to help them bring IoT to their organisations to help digitalise their services, making them more efficient and better supporting their communities.

When is this happening?

The networks are currently being deployed in Ely and St Neots and will be made open to the public shortly. Several other towns will be added to the project in the coming weeks.

How do you get involved?

If you would like to find out more or if would like to use the networks, please get in touch via email: info@cthings.io