Bradfield Centre

We have moved

This month we made the move from our existing offices at the Officers’ Mess in Duxford to the Bradfield Centre on Cambridge Science Park.

We have been very pleased with the service that management company Mantle have been providing over the first few years whilst we have gone from local startup to a global supplier.

In the last few months, our team has been growing and so it was necessary to look for larger offices. The new development at Bradfield has been one we’ve been watching for several years as the science park has grown in size and with a greater range of startups on site, we saw this as an opportunity to expand our contacts, whilst ensuring we have faster connections into London from the new offices.

A monitoring platform for a global broadband provider

cThings has developed a new cloud-based monitoring solution for international connectivity provider Opious that will enable them to effectively monitor all of their client’s connections across the world in real-time.

The CRM uses the core functionality of our Cloud platform and has been customised to be used by Opious customer service agents, customers and suppliers all in one place. Opious customer service agents can manage and monitor customers connectivity estates through the single custom-built dashboard.

The platform has the added benefit of being able to connect to the existing devices and systems that Opious use. Our platform is technology agnostic, meaning it can work with various proprietary technologies and can combine data from many existing locations.

The agents, who are based across multiple locations, can access the secure dashboard to get an overview of all customer sites across the world. The agents can then view individual circuits and related services, with quick access to the status of a service as well as important statistical information on how each service is performing.

Opious commissioned the development of the platform after seeing a demo of the cThings platform.

This release of the platform is the first step in development enabling Opious to manage its customer services effectively.

But cThings aren’t stopping there. Ongoing development of the platform will ensure that Opious can adapt to its customer’s needs and will make it easier to share information consistently between customers and suppliers.

Darren Smith, Managing Director of Opious explains

“We’ve been looking for a monitoring system that could adapt to the complexities of our business and the cThings team have developed exactly what we need. We always try to innovate through new technology whilst offering transparency over our services and the cThings portal enables us to provide our customers with both of these benefits.”

Opious is a global business and having a platform that is simple to use and organises their estate is vital to their success. This platform can also ensure Opious are delivering against their Service Level Agreements (SLAs) as it automatically calculates service performance, giving the customer real-time access to this information.

“We chose this technology because we make promises to our customers through our SLAs which require us to uphold certain criteria such as uptime commitments. The platform immediately shows our customers how we are performing and instantly highlights any issues that could be affecting their service.

Our customers can log in from any location and see the status of their service and all the important aspects of their telecom estate. The visibility the platform provides is invaluable and helps us to deliver an outstanding service to our customers’.”

This project has had many benefits for Opious, but one key advantage has been the zero-capex expenditure, as there has been no additional requirement for dedicated hardware, site visits or even up-front licensing costs, just a regular cost-effective recurring fee.

cThings develop a range of platforms for businesses within the communications sector as well as in energy, pharmaceuticals and industrial sectors. The application of our technology is varied and if you have a particular need or any questions about the options available then please get in touch.