cThings fridge sensors vital for cooling system

Kingfisher Funeral Directors is a locally-owned and completely independent funeral director with multiple sites across Cambridgeshire. They’ve been operating for over 10 years and have recently had an urgent need to install cThings fridge sensors for monitoring mortuary cold rooms.

Owner of Kingfishers, Andrew Hickson had spotted a problem with their mortuary cooling system, where fluctuations in temperature were far more than they should have been. A nominal difference in temperature is only supposed to be between one or two degrees but they were seeing fluctuations of between six and eight degrees. Andrew was very concerned about what might have happened if he hadn’t spotted the fluctuations with the system, particularly during warmer months of the year, which is what prompted him to look for a smart solution.

The cThings Fridge Sensors that have been installed allow Andrew and his team to monitor the temperature remotely so that if there was a sudden breakdown they’d be instantly notified that the temperature was getting too hot.

Andrew is full of praise for the solution and goes on to say:

“This has been brilliant for us as we’ve been able to instantly see what’s actually been happening in the mortuary in real-time.  I love technology and have been keeping an eye on it all the time. It’s a great reassurance to know that should the temperature ever go over or below a set limit,  I’ll be notified instantly by email. It will continue to notify me every ten minutes should it stay outside those limits until it’s fixed.

It’s a great bit of technology and helps us to maintain each of our locations as we grow. We’ve loved the rapid turnaround in getting us set up and ongoing support from the company.”

Since installing the fridge sensors Andrew has seen a much more constant temperature in the mortuary cold rooms with fewer fluctuations, especially reassuring during the recent heatwave where we saw temperatures go over 30 degrees for long periods.

cThings fridge sensors are ideal for monitoring temperature and humidity in fridges, freezers and any other premises that need to be kept at specific levels. The application is varied and if you have a particular need or any questions about the options available then please get in touch.