Improving residents health and protecting homes

Our cThings room sensors have been installed by a San Francisco property manager to both protect the properties and make them a more pleasant and healthier place for the tenants to live.

The US-based landlord owns a large portfolio of properties in the San Francisco bay area. He has been struggling with mould build-up in some of his properties. This was being caused by the local environmental conditions with the moist air from the south and the high humidity in the bay area. The properties are generally poorly ventilated and minimal insulation has meant they could not be heated over long periods. This created the perfect conditions for mould to build up.

Our client has experienced issues with expensive refurbishments and was very concerned that any mould will be detrimental for the health of the occupants. So the client decided to install our sensors and monitor the conditions.

How does it work?

Our devices and software automatically detect the conditions that may lead to dampness by collecting temperature, humidity, CO2, and VOC data from the properties every 30 minutes. The data is collected remotely and automatically, then aggregated and combined with localised data, including property type and local weather conditions.

The data is then used by our machine-learning algorithms to do two things. Firstly to determine the likelihood of potentially damaging conditions, and secondly analysing to determine if the environment inside the properties could have any effects on the health of the occupants. The landlord can then use our cThings Cloud Platform to see the results of this data, run reports and then if necessary contact the tenants directly to suggest ways in which they can improve the environmental conditions.

This end-user benefit of being able to share this information with his tenants provides peace-of-mind that they are living in good quality accommodation. Ultimately this ensures better health for his tenants as well as reducing refurbishment costs.

The client is very complimentary of the system saying:

“cThings products help us to provide better homes for our residents whilst minimising our maintenance costs and keeping our properties fully let. Their platform is stunning and makes complicated data easy to understand.”