Presenting our SmartMeter to the UK Government

This month we were invited to present our SmartMeter in Holborn to the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS). We were introduced to the smart energy team at BEIS by Digital Catapult, who a few earlier, involved us in a smart trials project with local councils in London.

We introduced cThings to the BEIS representatives and went on to explain that the cThings smart meters and more specifically the SmartValve have all been designed and developed inhouse, through a rapid prototyping process. These smart meters are designed to give the energy provider and customer accurate and regular updates on how much electricity and gas is being used.

Like other smart meters, ours measure energy usage and transmit this data automatically over a wireless network to the energy supplier. However, our setup is different as we have developed an end-to-end service that not only provides the onsite devices but the integrated network and control devices that collect the data, a well as our own custom-built platform that processes and displays the data for the customer or provider.

It’s a powerful set of products and services that ensure continuity across the system, is technology agnostic, so can work with various proprietary technologies and can combine data from many locations. All within one contract and provider.