cThings partner with Elvaco to deploy devices

This month saw cThings partner with Elvaco, a provider of open end-to-end solutions for utility metering for over 30 years.

The partnership enables cThings to deploy LoRA devices that will monitor heating across the entire Elvaco estate. We have already provided their customers with over 1,500 LoRA cards, which have been deployed across the UK and Europe and this partnership ensures out two companies will work together to provide the best possible energy service for customers for years to come.

Head of Partner and Export, Niclas Ermesjö said:

“cThings is a very important partner for us in the UK. They are very highly skilled and innovative. We have regularly recommended them too many of our customers and partners for any assistance or expertise with LoRa that they may require.”

cThings products and networks in 10 countries

Last month we’re commissioned by a company in Spain and after various site visits by our local partners and implementation of the infrastructure, we are delighted that the system is up and running.

This means we have reached another milestone for cThings and can now boast that our products and networks run across 10 countries, which are the United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, Turkey, Denmark, Norway, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Austria and Poland.

We wanted to share this good news with our community as it’s been less than two years since we participated in the Judge Business School Accelerator and so we are very grateful for the support and advice from all our advocates, partners, mentors and of course the team for getting us to where we are today.