flexi sensor

Flexi Sensor released

This month we are pleased to announce the completion of our Flexi Sensor, a new product designed to detect environmental conditions such a moisture content in the soil or pollution levels.

Our Flexi-Sensor is a highly adaptable product for monitoring, measuring and reporting the changes in our environment over a long-range, even deep inside dense structures.

The device is easy to install and simple to use with no need for an external power source or wiring. Once in place and synced to a cloud service, the Flexi-Sensor’s potential uses for detecting changes to movement, pressure, temperature moisture and much more are vast. The sensor is particularly useful at industrial sites for security, hazard detection and fault-monitoring.

It provides many benefits across various industries including real-time notifications and alerts, the ability for sensing the levels of pollution or air quality in cities, footfall or machinery efficiency It’s also ideally suited for remote meter reading and data collection and so removes the need for engineers to make costly and time-consuming checks.