First installation of our SmartValve

After months of development and testing, then submissions for electric compatibility and safety compliance certificates our SmartValve has been installed at the first property.

We are delighted that the first installation of our SmartValve has been completed at a social housing project in Bedfordshire and sending back data to our cloud platform about the energy usage on site.

Our SmartValve remotely monitors and controls the supply of energy to properties. This way energy providers can avoid the risk of accidental or deliberate non-payment of bills through smart billing and energy wastage through the supply to non-occupied properties.

The unit uses the latest LoRaWan technology, providing high-grade security, up to ten miles of line-of-sight range and deep in-building penetration. An ideal solution for high and low-density urban living. All this gives the energy service provider peace of mind.

The unit has the added function of reading meters too and when combined with control over the current status of the valve, this allows the supplier to be alerted to potential fraud by the end-user.

Through our bespoke Cloud API all the meter readings, past and present are available to the supplier, from anywhere in the world.

Weather Station

Devices live in the UK, UAE and Norway

Over the last six months, cThings have expanded its product range to offer services for customers in the UK, United Arab Emirates and Norway.

We now have over 1,000 devices deployed across three countries in Europe and Asia which include some of our new sensors for monitoring the environment and detecting floods, meters for collecting readings for commercial and residential properties and remote control devices for connecting the sensors and meters to our network.

The first of our newly developed products used is the Weather Station which can collect data about changes in weather conditions in remote and difficult to access locations. It is ideal for understanding the level of rainfall for your crops or for wind speeds at a construction site. The second is our Pulse Sensor, which allows you to turn any dumb meter, with a pulse output, to a smart meter. The meter can then be used to bill energy users or to better manage energy usage.

Each device is connected to our cloud platform, which collects, processes and displays the data for both the customer and service provider to monitor and react, when necessary, to any faults or fluctuations with their system.