cThings chosen for the Judge Business School Accelerator

In June cThings joined other start-up businesses and organisations for the Venture Creation Weekend to pitch ideas and discuss our business. At the end of the weekend, we were selected to join the Accelerate Cambridge programme, which offers three-month mentoring to support new business and business ideas. The support combines entrepreneurship training, regular coaching and mentoring, as well as access to a shared workspace.

The programme is run by the prestigious Judge Business School in Cambridge and we are grateful to be accepted to ensure we can begin developing IoT products and systems. The school helps teams of entrepreneurs turn ideas into a business, launch, and then keep going.

Accelerate Cambridge is part of an ecosystem of support for entrepreneurs in Cambridge and is vital for us at this early stage of development to help us navigate our way through ideation, research and customer development, understanding our audience, building a team and raising financial capital and dealing with investors. We are very excited about this opportunity and are keen to get started.